Interior of the family house, 150 sq m

the project

The customers requested to convert the children's rooms into teenage rooms for boys aged 10 and 12. Each of the brothers has their own bedroom, bathroom and a common living room.

It was important to redo the interior, retaining some elements of the previous design. I wanted to take into account the individual needs of teenagers in the interior, their interests and hobbies, and then “tune” the space to an atmosphere of relaxation, so that they would have their own place of power.

On the 1st floor there is a large is a kitchen-living room. This is not the main kitchen in the house, so there was an opportunity to make it compact and keep it light without cluttering the kitchen with cabinets. Italian marble was used to finish the kitchen and island.


Moscow region

Year of project realisation:


Space area:

150 sq m

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